Karavaani/Taidejamit art club
Johannes Cairns
E. Jonasson
Siiri Launis
Janna Lipiäinen
Suvi Marttila
Mia Meri
Otto Pietinen
Maria Pirseyedi
Piia Ylitalo

My Orient

Exhibition open 7.12.2010 - 28.1.2011
at Arkadia, the international Bookshop, at Pohjoinen Hesperiankatu 9, Helsinki.

As the students of Asian and African languages and cultures from the Department of World Cultures in the University of Helsinki, we are studying cultures which can differ greatly from our own Finnish culture. But even in the furthest places of Earth or in the ancient history of mankind, humans have always been the same.

We, the members of "Taidejamit" art club, are happy to invite you to take a look at our works of art which all work as commentaries or interpretations on the cultures we are studying from our own perspective. Among us there are students of Arabic and Islamic studies, Egyptology, Iranistic studies, Sinology, Japanology, and Korean studies.

We welcome you to the exhibition opening to listen to us talk about the works and discuss them with us.

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