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Johannes Cairns

Johannes Cairns, 26, student of Japanese studies.

I am Johannes Cairns, a 26-year-old student of East Asian Studies at the University of Helsinki. Though I lack any technical training as an artist, every now and then I love to splash oil or acrylic on a canvas and create something spontaneous. My work is inspired by Zen aesthetics, especially Zenga art, a movement within the Japanese Zen Buddhist establishment attempting to capture the simplicity and spontaneity of its ancient predecessors. A key notion of Zen aesthetics is that a piece of art reflects the spiritual state of its creator. Perhaps this is true of my art as well, revealing an idealistic tendency to seek deeper significance for life from a spiritual East.

contact: johannes.cairns@REmoVEhelsinki.fi

Some of my earlier work
Dream, 2008

Though this painting is mostly made up of various shades of blue oil colour, it also contains most other colours of the colour spectrum. It was a spontaneous creation, and in the end result one can discern a brown face against a blue background, which makes it seem like a person is floating in the sky. Due to this dreamlike quality I have named the piece "Dream".
Oil, 100 x 140 cm.