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Maria Pirseyedi

Maria Pirseyedi, 20, student of Iranian studies.

I'm Maria Pirseyedi, a 20-year-old student. My major is Iranian Studies. It's very interesting, as the country and its people have an exciting history and culture. I'm especially happy that in our university we have the possibility to study Farsi.

I haven't studied art, but I have liked drawing ever since I was a child. At some point I got bored of drawing horses and started to draw people instead. That was also when I started to use photos as models. Even nowadays when I start to draw, the first thing is to choose one or more photos, mostly of musicians or movie characters. Sometimes I try to capture the model as it is, but sometimes I modify it quite a lot. It's a lot of fun to see how things change when you combine your own imagination with the figure you see in the model.

contact: maria.pirseyedi@REmoVEhelsinki.fi

Some of my earlier work
Make A Better Day, 2010

Make A Better Day
Wrestling, 2010
I had just been in the audience of a wrestling tournament and felt like drawing something related to that. I decided to combine the sport with my interest in classical Greece and see if I can make a drawing out of the famous sculpture.
Philia, 2010
I bumped into a photo of the actors of the movie Alexander. In the photo they were wearing modern clothes and they both had beards. I wanted to see what would happen if I removed the beards, changed their hair and of course the clothes, but kept the expressions similar. Their features changed a bit on the way, but I think it was an interesting experiment and a lot of fun!