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Otto Pietinen

Otto Pietinen, student of Sinology.

I started photographing with my parents' old camera with what I guess is the motivation most people have: to hold on to moments that I wished to keep, moments being perishable. The trouble is, I soon found out, that simply recording something that happened at a certain time doesn't mean that the moment is preserved.

I once read somewhere that the difference between a painter and a photographer is that the painter includes whereas the photographer excludes. Paintings start out empty and white, and the artist constructs them adding things that all work for what they are aiming at, but photographs start with the world: noisy, always changing and in motion, full of colors and textures. The task of the photographer is to see what is essential to the moment, leave everything else out, and trip the shutter.

It's often down to milliseconds to decide it all. Sometimes it works, most of the time not. What draws me to photography is the intuitiviness, there simply is no time for thinking. This is also why I work with traditional silver-based black and white media, I've found that the lack of instant feedback inspires the confidence required at that decisive moment; no second guesses allowed. I also enjoy the craft aspect of developing and printing by hand in a wet darkroom, as it balances out the instinctual shooting by slow contemplation of the image in the dark and bringing out the moment that was in my head onto paper through practical alchemy.

contact: otto.pietinen@REmoVEhelsinki.fi

Some of my earlier work

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