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Siiri Launis

Siiri Launis, 26, student of Arabic and Islamic studies.

I´m Siiri Launis, a 26-year-old university student from Helsinki, and my major subject is Arabic and Islamic Studies. After attending 4 years in Helsinki Senior Secondary School of Visual Arts (2000-2004) I haven´t done anything even remotely related to visual arts. It has mostly been a matter of time and interest. Therefore it has been a great pleasure to find people from our faculty who share the same interest. I´ve found a new spark for arts, and I´ve learned that I don´t have to take art so seriously.

My favorite techniques have been pastels, watercolors and oils. I´ve also liked to mix different techniques. I like to depict humans and subjects from nature. Landscapes are my horror. Usually I have taken some element from nature and played with it. Although these two works are figurative, I´ve also done abstract art. In my earlier years I just liked to draw as realistic as possible and depict my object as three-dimensional as possible, but later I learned to use colors and I learned the beauty of them and also a much more abstract art.

The title of our exhibition - My Orient - really suits my works, because they are personal and from my own perspective. Although I have always been fascinated by Arabic and Islamic art, my theoretical knowledge of them is still very limited. That is why I haven´t used historical art, ornaments or calligraphy as a base in my works. My art reflects only what is inside my mind. As a woman myself I wanted to draw women for this exhibition.

contact: siiri.launis@REmoVEhelsinki.fi

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